Tammy McInnis, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of WA


Doctoral Degree:
Bastyr University—Seattle, WA

Professional Memberships:

Professional Associations and Social NetworksProfessional Associations and Social Networks


Tammy McInnis grew up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature. Tammy and her family spent a great deal of time actively exploring the outdoors. Tammy's initial exposure to the medical system began with her young mother's diagnosis of breast cancer. As a girl, Tammy watched her mother's health rapidly deteriorate after exposure to multiple rounds of harsh chemotherapy and radiation. Tammy felt disappointed with the impersonal medical care that her mother received and was disouraged by the lack of communication between her mother's doctors. She quickly recognized that creating meaningful relationships with patients and their families and that having collaboration between physicians were integral to the healing process. Sadly, after several years of remission, her mother's cancer returned and she quickly passed away. This life-changing event significantly influenced Tammy's life path and greatly shaped her values. The experience with her mother converged with her desire to improve healthcare, leading to her pursuit of becoming a physician. She found the idea of integrating natural medicine with conventional healthcare appealing and chose to attend medical school at Bastyr University. She agreed with an individualized approach to patient care and believed in the naturopathic foundation of finding the "cause" of illness rather than just treating the "symptoms". During her fourth year of medical school, Tammy's young son suffered a traumatic brain injury. Tammy took a year away from her rigorous academic studies to care for him.

In conjunction with the hospital's traditional medical care, Tammy incorporated the use of natural medicine and physical therapies into her son's treatment. With the integrated treatment, her son showed tremendous improvement. After one month, much to the amazement of the hospital staff, he left the hospital on his own two feet and was on his way to recovery. Today, he is attending school, swimming, running and leading a typical teenage life. Once again, Tammy's conviction to naturopathic medicine was reaffirmed and she was reminded of the innate healing power of the human body. Tammy returned to Bastyr, resuming her studies, where she met Jill Monster and Naomi Bryant. The triad quickly became the best of friends. The three of them enjoyed collaborating on patient cases and began entertaining the idea of forming a joint medical practice. These days, when they are not too busy, the three partners often find themselves having so much fun that they are laughing to the point of tears.

Outside of work, Tammy is passionate about spending time with her husband Mac and their family, which now includes grandchildren. Favorite pastimes include spending time outdoors, relaxing on the beach, and travel that includes cultural exploration and discovery.

For more information about Dr. McInnis or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (425) 557-8900.

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