Saman Faramarzi, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of WA


Doctoral Degree:
Bastyr University—Seattle, WA
Undergraduate Degree:
California Polytechnic University—San Luis Obispo, CA


Saman “Sam” Faramarzi views her life as a beautiful dream punctuated by major ups and downs. Despite experiencing difficult times, Sam says that she would not change her life in any way. She believes the path that she has traveled has brought her to the place she is today. And Sam knows that she is exactly where she should be.

Born in a small town in Iran into a family of loving parents and an older sister whom she idolized, Sam remembers her early childhood as one of pure joy. Days were spent playing soccer on the streets of Iran. Her extended family lived in the United States and she started visiting Los Angeles every summer from the time that she was three years old. Tragedy struck during Sam’s seventh year. Her father died unexpectedly from a heart attack at age 38. Her father’s untimely death left her with a deep curiosity about healthcare. Sam’s mother chose to give the family a fresh start. She and her two young daughters moved to America which she viewed as the land of opportunity. Sam’s mother opened a Persian bakery where she worked long hours to support her family.

In high school Sam developed an interest in nutrition. At California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, she studied preventive healthcare and nutritional sciences. While her bachelor’s degree left her feeling fluent in the nutrition world, it left her thirsting for more knowledge about the inner workings of the human body. This led her to attend medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle.

Sam views her time at Bastyr as the most pivotal time in her life. She says that she learned the importance of resilience, living life without fear and waking up every morning with a sense of empowerment. She was fortunate to have a number of mentors that helped her find a passion within naturopathic medicine. In her second year of medical school, she was introduced to IV (intravenous) therapy and Neural Prolotherapy. Ironically, Sam started medical school fearful of drawing blood and using needles and ended up passionate about therapies that included both. Once Sam overcame her fears, she discovered that she had an uncanny ability to find elusive veins and put the most nervous of patients at ease.

Sam sees patients with all types of complaints, but particularly enjoys seeing patients interested in counseling, pain management, and conditions related to the nervous system. Her areas of specialty include Neural Prolotherapy and IV therapy. Sam is passionate about Mind Body Medicine and finds working with patients using Biofeedback particularly rewarding. She believes that the mind-body connection is very powerful in aiding the body in healing. She completed coursework at Harvard Medical School and is up to date on the latest research of how mindfulness can improve health conditions from digestive issues to mood disorders. Sam has seen profound changes in patients with chronic health conditions after just a few sessions of Biofeedback.

Sam likes to ask her patients how they want to FEEL, LIVE and BE every day. She then partners with her patients to help them achieve their health goals using the many modalities in her tool box. Sam believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when obstacles to cure are removed or managed properly. Sam’s greatest joy is helping her patients become empowered to make choices to improve their health and change their lives.

Despite specializing in medical conditions that are often accompanied by pain, Sam is known for her sense of humor. Somehow she manages to balance the seriousness of treating pain conditions with fun and laughter. The other NaturoMedica physicians can always count on her to lighten the mood and to keep even the most boring meetings fun. When she is not at the clinic Sam enjoys spending time with her friends and reading. She frequently visits her extended family in Los Angeles.

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