Genetic Interpretation Instructions


Schedule a 15-minute appointment at NaturoMedica for saliva genetic testing. There is a $199 fee. If you have already done genetic testing through 23andMe or Ancestry, you may schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Moma to learn if your prior testing is adequate.


Once you have received the results of your testing, upload your raw genetic data. At the same time, answer a genetic analysis questionnaire to help Dr. Moma learn more about what you hope to gain from genetic testing. Please log in to the patient portal to send Dr. Moma your data. If you experience any difficulty uploading your data or answering the questionnaire in the above link, please contact our office and we will send alternative instructions by email.


Call NaturoMedica to initiate the analysis of your data. You will be charged $329 $129 to have specialized software convert your raw data to a usable format followed by up to two hours of personal analysis by Dr. Moma prior to your final visit. You will need to schedule your 90-minute review at least two weeks out to allow sufficient time for analysis.


You will have your 90-minute appointment with Dr. Moma where you will leave with comprehensive information about your unique genetic blueprint and ways you can use it to improve your health. You will be charged $299 at the time of this visit.

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