Weight Management

NaturoMedica offers highly personalized weight loss programs with medical supervision.

Obesity is considered the latest health epidemic.  Over one-third of adults are classified as obese and another one-third are overweight.  Increasingly, obesity affects children as well.  It is estimated that almost 20% of US children suffer from obesity.  Obesity frequently leads to diabetes type II, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure, which are all associated with cardiovascular disease. Excess weight is also linked to certain cancers as well as increased disability and mortality.

Programs based on your lifestyle

NaturoMedica offers highly personalized weight loss programs with medical supervision.   Each patient’s weight loss program is customized based upon genetics, metabolic needs, health conditions and lifestyle and food preferences. Physician guidance can enhance weight loss and weight maintenance. Naturopathic doctors have extensive training in conventional and natural medicine as well as nutrition, which makes them uniquely qualified to assist with weight loss. NaturoMedica doctors see many patients who feel discouraged after numerous failed diet attempts. It is highly gratifying for both the patient and the doctor when these same patients achieve sustained weight loss.

The initial visit at NaturoMedica lasts for up to two hours and includes a comprehensive medical and weight loss history along with a physical exam.  NaturoMedica utilizes advanced bio-impedance equipment which analyzes the patient’s composition of fat and muscle by body segment.  Lab testing is ordered as necessary.  In some cases, being overweight can be caused by medical conditions including thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndrome or other underlying conditions. Advanced testing along with interpretation of results can guide the physician and patient in determining which diet, exercise and supplements will be most effective and efficient for weight loss.

NaturoMedica doctors are knowledgeable about the current medications, supplements, surgeries and diet protocols that are offered as mainstream solutions for weight loss and can discuss the relative risks and benefits of different scenarios.   NaturoMedica doctors can also work collaboratively with physical therapists, sports medicine physicians, personal trainers or coaches and other healthcare professionals to help patients achieve permanent weight loss.

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