Genetic Testing and Analysis

We are excited to offer genetic testing and analysis at NaturoMedica. Genetic testing has been available to the general public for some time through companies like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA, but the raw data is of limited value to the consumer. The raw data file requires analysis by sophisticated software and the interpretation of an expert.


Dr. Jon Moma specializes in genetic analysis and can use your genetic blueprint to help you optimize your health and prevent disease. Your unique genetic make-up, or DNA, is made up of many distinct genes that are personal to you. These genes control processes like brain function, detoxification, hormones, cardiovascular health, longevity and more! Genetic testing provides an in-depth look into how your unique DNA contributes to your health. This report will serve as a roadmap for Dr. Moma to uncover genetic “weak spots” and help you work toward optimal health.

Every Genetic Report Contains:

  • Information about how your body stores and utilizes nutrients.
  • Detailed "Safe Pharmaceuticals" report for accurate & safe prescribing.
  • Identification of your rare and unique gene identification and information.
  • Personalized nutrient supplement recommendations based on your DNA.
  • Personalized dietary recommendations (foods to add and avoid).

Pricing in Three Easy Steps

Genetic Testing (15 minutes) - $178

Schedule an appointment for genetic testing through saliva testing at NaturoMedica. If you have already done genetic testing through 23andMe and/or Ancestry, Dr. Moma may be able to use your existing raw data file. Please schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Moma to find out if your prior testing is adequate.

Genetic Data Analysis and Interpretation - $329 Introductory Offer $129

Dr. Moma will take the raw data file from your genetic testing and run it through a genetic software program to convert it to a usable format. Next, Dr. Moma will spend up to 2 hours reviewing and analyzing your genetic data. You may choose to direct analysis and interpretation towards the features of your DNA that most interest you. Payment due at time of software analysis.

Personalized Consultation (90 minutes) - $299

You will meet with Dr. Moma to review the results of your genetic testing. Dr. Moma will provide you a personalized comprehensive genetic report and recommendations to help improve your health and prevent disease. You will receive a personalized notebook and thumb drive containing a digital copy of your genetic report.


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