Highly personalized medical care in an environment that uses a collaborative approach.

I like how my NaturoMedica doctor looks for the underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

Deni Steele - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My daughter met with her NaturoMedica doctor and within the first hour of the visit, she had a good indication of what was going on. I love NaturoMedica’s combination of non-traditional and traditional approaches.

Karen Parkey - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I felt a lot better after three months of going to NaturoMedica. It was like fine-tuning. Progressively, I felt better and better. I feel like a different person! My NaturoMedica doctor is now my primary doctor.

Beth Murphy - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I was referred to NaturoMedica for my hot flashes. I was having 10-12 hot flashes a day and difficulty sleeping. I couldn’t even look at a sweater without feeling hot. Now, is the first time that I have felt cold in 12 years!

Michelle Hoyos - Issaquah, WA - Read more

I no longer have hot flashes or night sweats. My short-term memory has improved and so has my energy level. By going to NaturoMedica, I am receiving cutting edge care and preventing problems from occurring as I age.

Beth Murphy - - Read more

I love NaturoMedica’s combination of non-traditional and traditional approaches.  They are not so naturopathic that they won’t prescribe an antibiotic if you need it.  They take time to be with you, not the usual 8 minutes. They are a small practice and they all cover for each other.   I like all of the referring physicians they have sent me to.  I am very happy.  We know this amazing resource we can count on.

Karen Parkey - Sammamish, WA - Read more

The doctors offer a wide variety of treatments such as acupuncture, cardiac screening, thyroid management, allergy testing and various types of IV Infusions that help your body perform effectively. I've tried nearly all of them and been very pleased.

Karen Morgan - Snohomish, WA - Read more

I work out at a gym with a few ladies who went to NaturoMedica and had a good experience.  I decided to make an appointment. My first visit at NaturoMedica lasted for two hours. I was shocked.  My NaturoMedica doctor was thorough and listened very well.  Hormone imbalance was my main concern.   I was having mood swings, thyroid problems and I had hormone related brown spots on my skin.  My NaturoMedica doctor tested my hormone levels including estrogen, thyroid and cortisol.   I am now taking supplements. I’m doing really well now. We are just fine tuning at this point.  I love my NaturoMedica doctor and I have referred her to friends.

Lisa Rhoades - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My husband decided to see my NaturoMedica doctor after he saw how well my daughter and I were doing.   Going to the doctor before was like pulling teeth.  He now goes willingly.

Karen Parkey - Sammamish, WA - Read more

At 66 years old, because of seeing my NaturoMedica physician, I have been able to lead a more active lifestyle.  I bike and do outdoor rock climbing.  I used to have joint pain that could be debilitating at times and it is now minimal.  Improved sleep has given me mental clarity and improved energy. Now, the older I get, the more physically active I am becoming.  I don’t see many people at my age that are as active as I am and without pain. I am having so much fun.  I get compliments from my friends, family and neighbors. I cannot believe the changes that I have seen since going to NaturoMedica!

Earl Shimogawa - Bellevue, WA - Read more

My NaturoMedica doctor asked great questions about my daughter’s health and didn’t just start off asking about her skin condition. She wanted to understand her whole health history.  She looked at the whole system, not just looking at a piece of it or just looking at the symptoms.  I had taken my daughter to see several doctors without getting much help. My NaturoMedica doctor suggested a simple treatment that gave great results.

Katrina Hostetter - Issaquah, WA - Read more

My eight year old son had hives on his body. I took him to the pediatrician who suggested rubbing cortisone cream all over his body. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I took him to NaturoMedica.  The moment we walked in the exam room, the NaturoMedica doctor put allergy cream on him. When we left the clinic an hour later, his skin was back to normal color.  His NaturoMedica doctor suggested an allergy blood test. The results showed that my son was allergic to gluten, peanut butter and my entire backyard. We have information that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Claudia Campbell - Redmond, WA - Read more

I first went NaturoMedica because of my daughter. She was a vegetarian and was becoming very moody, so I thought that it had to do with a lack of nutrition. My daughter just loved her NaturoMedica doctor and felt so comfortable talking to her. Her doctor tested her to make sure that she was getting the right type and dosage of vitamins.

Valerie Weigelt - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My daughter met with her NaturoMedica doctor and within the first hour of her visit, we had a good indication of what was going on.   After all of the time, money and doctors, the NaturoMedica doctor knew what was going on.  After some tests, we discovered my daughter has severe thyroid issues.  Her doctor also suggested food sensitivity testing.   The results showed she was sensitive to gluten too.  After changing her diet and eliminating foods, my daughter was getting better.

Karen Parkey - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I decided to bring my eight-year-old son who has ADD to NaturoMedica when I saw the positive results that I was having. My son was on two different ADD drugs and Melatonin to help him sleep at night. After allergy testing at NaturoMedica, he saw results after only three weeks.  He is very aware of the foods that bother him.  He is now on only one pill a day and he doesn’t take melatonin before bed.  He feels so much better now. He is calmer and no longer gets emotional mood swings.  Before, it was impossible to go out to dinner, without him taking a pill to calm him down.  Now he takes no medication before dinner and he can sit perfectly still at a restaurant and carry on a conversation. He is a changed little boy!

Chris Robins - - Read more

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis since I was a kid. I haven’t had a sinus infection since I started being seen at NaturoMedica I’ve been seeing my doctor for 2 years now.  She put me on probiotics, vitamins, and a natural nasal spray.  This summer I got a head cold.  It was the first one in two years.  Even though I had a head cold, it was less severe than it would usually be.  Winter is when everything usually flares up for me.  I’m rolling into the season clear.

Lisa Rhoades - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I have thyroid issues.  My NaturoMedica doctor tested me for thyroid imbalance.  I’m going back in December to get the second test.  I’ve been using some natural supplements, but haven’t had too much success yet.  I’m now on synthetics.  I’ve always been a severely cold person and now that I’m taking this medicine, my body temperature is normal.  We’re just fine-tuning at this point.

Lisa Rhoades - Sammamish, WA - Read more

When I was getting a facial, I was told that my skin was breaking out due to my digestive system. When I was receiving acupressure, I was again told that I had digestive issues. I always felt bloated and only knew some of the foods that were bothering me.  My NaturoMedica doctor suggested that I take a food allergy test. I had sensitivity to 30 foods!  Since eliminating those foods, I am feeling better than ever. I am no longer feeling bloated nor is my skin breaking out.  I have more energy. I am now reintroducing the foods.

Liz Rossilli - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My husband goes to NaturoMedica and he loves the care that he is receiving. He took and allergy test and was able to change his diet. Now, he feels so much better. The healthcare at NaturoMedica is comprehensive and top notch

Tiffany Barbre - Snoqualmie, WA - Read more

I searched beyond my conventional doctor because of the extreme headaches that I had been having.  I would have these headaches every week.  I started seeing my doctor at NaturoMedica and had food allergy testing. I have since eliminated the foods that I am allergic to and I have now only had three headaches in the last six of seven months. My conventional doctor would just put me on pain relievers and muscle relaxants. I am happy to say that I haven’t had to fill those prescriptions once this year.

Chris Robins - Snoqualmie, WA - Read more

Since my son had such success with food allergy testing, I have brought in my whole family for testing and found out that all of us have some food sensitivities. I have an allergy to gluten. I was feeling very tired all of the time. I am happy to say that I feel normal once again. I feel like me!

Mary Austin Staples - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My NaturoMedica doctor’s theory was that I have food sensitivities.  I had food allergy testing and I had sensitivities to 16 foods.  I now stay away from them and as a result, I feel so much better. I have changed what I eat and made healthy substitutions. I lost 38 pounds just by eliminating the foods that I am sensitive to. Without my NaturoMedica doctor’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Rick Johnson - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I have suffered from pollen allergies my whole life. I have done everything to take care of this by taking medication- monthly allergy shots, allergy medicines, daily sinus rinses and sinus surgery. Yet, I would still get sinus infections every two months. Currently, I take a natural allergy medicine which is like anti-histamine. I also stay away from the foods which showed up on my food allergy test. I stopped my allergy shots and I haven’t had a sinus infection for one whole year! This would be unheard of previously. I feel so much better.

Rick Johnson - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I decided that I wanted to go to NaturoMedica because of my lifelong struggle with allergies. I had been taking medication for years. I didn’t see it making me feel better. My first visit was so different from any experience in an M.D. office. My doctor spent an enormous amount of time with me.  My NaturoMedica doctor suggested food allergy testing. I went on an elimination diet and I felt great.  I then realized that it wasn’t environmental, but rather food allergies.  I am now aware of certain foods that make it difficult for me to breathe.

Valerie Weigelt - Sammamish, WA - Read more

NaturoMedica in two words: life changing. These doctors make "life great again". According to the New York Times, an MD spends an average of 8 minutes with his/her patient. This is unacceptable! Your initial exam at NaturoMedica will be about 90 minutes and typically 60 minutes for follow-up appointments. Each doctor listens intently, takes tons of copious notes and lets you talk. If you take your health seriously and make it a priority, go to NaturoMedica in Issaquah!

Karren Morgan - Snohomish, WA - Read more

I came to NaturoMedica on the advice of a good friend who had been going there and was so happy with the care she receives. I had been experiencing minor aches and pains and a general feeling of not being “well”.  My NaturoMedica doctor spent an hour and a half with me reviewing my entire health history. I immediately felt very comfortable and in the best of hands.  She ran several tests.  She discovered that there are many foods that I don’t tolerate well and a blood test came back positive for autoimmune disease.  Within a week, I was in a full blown lupus flare.  My NaturoMedica doctor has been by my side throughout this ordeal.  She has helped me find trusted specialists.  When I have had trouble tolerating standard prescribe medications, she has worked with me to find natural effective alternatives.  My doctor and the staff at NaturoMedica has me confident that I am receiving the best possible care and a balanced approach to healing. I am forever grateful.  I can’t say enough good about NaturoMedica!

Lauri Brom - Sammamish, WA - Read more

My husband is very busy and he travels a lot. He was hesitant to go to NaturoMedica because his previous doctor always just gave him a pill for his cholesterol. He felt that was not an answer and he refuses to go on medication. His NaturoMedica doctor came up with a plan for him to exercise and showed him how to eat better. She told him how to order in restaurants so that he knows which foods to stay away from.  My husband now feels comfortable eating out and even packs a healthy snack for his plane trips so he doesn’t have to eat unhealthy airline food.  My husband has lost 10 pounds, has more energy, increased vitality and looks 5 years younger.

Debbie Demmon - Fall City, WA - Read more

I was told by my MD that my cholesterol was extremely high - 253.  After seeing my NaturoMedica doctor, I was told to avoid certain foods and in 90 days it had dropped to 141. My NaturoMedica doctor gave me supplements, but most of the change came from my diet. I like how I can manage my cholesterol the natural way. Why take chemicals if you don’t have to?  This has drawn me to natural medicine. Naturopathic medicine has turned my life around.

Rick Johnson - Sammamish, WA - Read more

Since my husband started seeing a doctor at NaturoMedica, his triglycerides have dropped from 880 to 80. His cholesterol has dropped from 256 to 148.  My cholesterol has dropped by 63 points. My husband has lost 50 pounds and I have lost 26 pounds. We feel great. 

Angelia Brignance - Redmond, WA - Read more

For many years, I suffered from excessive fatigue and stomach problems.  I would be given medication by my doctor and told to come back in six weeks if I wasn’t feeling better. My doctor had not idea what was causing my discomfort or fatigue. It was time to look elsewhere for an answer. I like how the doctors at NaturoMedica are not opposed to western medicine, yet look at the root cause of an illness, not just the symptoms.  I was pleasantly surprised that my NaturoMedica doctor spent two hours at my first appointment asking questions and learning about my health history. There was never a feeling of being rushed for time or being put in a subordinate position. It was the most gratifying visit that I have ever had. My NaturoMedica doctor and I were working together as a team.  She was able to get to the root of my illness in a very short time. I wish that I had gone to NaturoMedica sooner. My NaturoMedica doctor has given me my life back.

Kelly Goscinski - Snoqualmie, WA - Read more

I have struggled with digestive issues since I was a kid.  I was given probiotics, multivitamins, and some supplements. I feel better than I have ever felt because of the NaturoMedica doctors. I am truly a different person today!

Lisa Rhoades - Sammamish, WA - Read more

For the last three years, I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis pain.  When I asked my rheumatoid doctor if changing my diet would help with my arthritis, he just told me no. He told me that there was no cure and that I would just need to keep treating the symptoms with medication. I didn’t want to be taking pills for the rest of my life, so I decided to seek help elsewhere.  That help came to me via NaturoMedica.  What a great experience it was!  My NaturoMedica doctor made me feel like a participant on her team. Jointly, we came up with a realistic plan that I could live with. Within three weeks of following the plan prescribed for me, I felt results. After one month on the plan, I had no more pain. Each and every day just got better. Before seeing my NaturoMedica doctor, I had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.  I couldn’t accomplish tasks that required use of my hands. Now, I don’t feel as if I have limitations at all.

Linda Shimogawa - Bellevue, WA - Read more

I had never seen an N.D. before going to NaturoMedica.  I hadn’t been feeling myself for about two years. I was feeling tired and worn out, as I was working and going to school at the same time. My first impression of the NaturoMedica clinic was very positive. The care at NaturoMedica is warm, personalized and thorough.  My NaturoMedica doctor did a lot of blood work to figure out what was going on and then treated me.  I felt a lot better after three months of going to NaturoMedica.  It was like fine-tuning. Progressively, I felt better and better. My NaturoMedica doctor is now my primary doctor.”

Beth Murphy - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I was referred to NaturoMedica for my hot flashes. I was having 10-12 hot flashes a day and difficulty sleeping. I couldn’t even look at a sweater without feeling hot. Now, is the first time that I have felt cold in 12 years!  I look forward to wearing turtleneck sweaters. To my husband’s surprise, I am the one turning up the heat register in the house. I recommend NaturoMedica to everyone!

Michelle Hoyos - Issaquah, WA - Read more

I have lost 25 pounds with the correction of my hormones and the diet my NaturoMedica doctor suggested.  I am seeing such a dramatic difference!

Lisa Rhoades - Sammamish, WA - Read more

I did a series of four iron IV about three years ago which was life changing. I discovered my iron storage levels were almost zero. After having the treatments, I no longer having cold fingers and toes, have more energy in the morning and have felt much better when exercising.  The IVs have been an incredible help for me and I really like the “Nutrient Replenisher” and the “Anti-Aging Cocktail” with a “push” of Glutathione at the end. I’ve incorporated the therapies into my “beauty” regimen and think of them like I do a haircut each month or so to help me be my best and proactively enhance my health for the future.

Karren Morgan - Snohomish, WA - Read more

If you want to feel like you're being listened to by your health care provider, go here. I promise you will get results and answers you deserve. NaturoMedica does work in conjunction with traditional medical providers and will refer you if necessary. Think of this practice as concierge medicine tailored to you and committed to your well-being.

Karren Morgan - Snohomish, WA - Read more

I have suffered significantly with stomach problems that have plagued me since early childhood. I missed so many days of school because of stomach issues that teachers counseled my parents on my absences. That trend followed me into adult life too. After meeting with my NaturoMedica doctor, a blood test confirmed I had a protein allergy to cow's milk. Years later, I rarely have "stomach issues" and live a normal life (without cow's milk, of course). The years of medical doctors' appointments, various unnecessary disgusting tests, labeling me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a spastic colon just wasn't accurate. If the medical doctor would have tested me for food allergies, life would have been great sooner.

Karren Morgan - Snohomish, WA - Read more

I am extremely impressed with Dr. Dart’s expertise as an acupuncturist.  After just three sessions I have had long lasting relief from chronic pain.  I have currently had four sessions and now I am on a monthly routine. I am very satisfied with the results. I have been to other acupuncturists before who were not affiliated with NaturoMedica, and had no or very modest results. With Dr. Dart the improvement has been significant. I wholeheartedly recommend her for your chronic pain.

Curt LeMaster - North Bend, WA - Read more
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