NaturoMedica's Approach to Childhood Vaccines

July 10, 2017 | By Naturo Medica | Articles | Share
NaturoMedica's Approach to Childhood Vaccines

NaturoMedica offers vaccines for children of all ages. This may surprise many of you. As you know, we believe in providing personalized healthcare. Some of our patients may benefit from certain vaccines based on possible exposures or health conditions. We realize that some of our patients may be opposed to vaccines for a variety of reasons while others may to choose fully vaccinate their children per the schedule recommended by the CDC. Please be assured that we respect every patient’s right to choose or refuse any vaccine. Many times, parents are choosing an alternative vaccine schedule that includes delaying some vaccines and refusing others. Our pediatric specialist, Dr. Lisa Wada, offers vaccine counseling visits to outline the benefits and risks of each individual vaccine to help parents make informed decisions and make the right choice for their children. Each family will leave with a unique and comprehensive immunization plan suited for their child.

Here are some special considerations and information when choosing to vaccinate your child at NaturoMedica:

1. We do not carry vaccines with Thimerosal/Mercury.

Mercury was removed from most vaccines in 2002. The injectable flu vaccine is the only routine childhood vaccine that currently contains large doses of mercury. At NaturoMedica, we only carry flu vaccines that are mercury free.

2. We make sure a child is healthy at the time of their immunization.

If your child is ill at the time of a planned vaccination, we ask that you reschedule your appointment until they have been well for at least 10 days. We believe that only a healthy child should receive an immunization to avoid unwanted side effects.

3. We recommend immune support before and after immunizations.

We believe that a strong immune system contributes to the appropriate processing of vaccines with minimal side effects. Your provider may suggest simple known immune boosters such as probiotics, vitamin D, or vitamin C to support healthy immune function prior to and after a vaccine.

4. It is important to be fully informed about the benefits and risks when considering an alternate vaccine schedule.

Parents who are concerned or confused about vaccines may choose to spread them out, delay certain vaccines, or limit the number of vaccines given at a certain visit. Vaccine dosing is a personal choice that requires each family to become fully educated.  We suggest that you work with a trained physician to develop a safe and effective plan for their child.

There are also certain laws and regulations that must be followed. You may click here for information on the current state vaccine laws.

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