Top 3 Reasons that You Should Get Acupuncture

July 03, 2017 | By Naturo Medica | Articles | Share
Top 3 Reasons that You Should Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a modality that is part of the Chinese Medical system. The ancient Chinese discovered that the body consisted of distinct energetic channels called meridians that are associated with the organs in the body. By stimulating these meridians at specific points with needles (Acupuncture) and by touch (Acupressure), the body can be brought back into balance and harmony. Acupuncture has gained increasing popularity over the last century throughout the world and is now accessible to almost everyone. What many people do not realize is that acupuncture can benefit everyone, as it treats virtually every medical condition and is excellent for helping to maintain a high level of health when used preventatively. Dr. Elisha Bokman provides acupuncture treatments at NaturoMedica. She is both a licensed acupuncturist and naturopathic physician. Here are Dr. Bokman’s top 3 reasons why EVERYONE should be getting acupuncture treatments as part of their self-care practice.

1. Acupuncture promotes relaxation.

In today’s non-stop world it is a rare occasion for Dr. Bokman to meet a patient that is not “stressed out.” Many people feel there are just not enough hours in the day to meet the demands of work, family and self-care. This results in many people operating in a chronic state of high stress, which not only feels awful but is damaging to the body. Acupuncture is one of the best ways to relax the nervous system and promote a state of calm. Most of Dr. Bokman’s patients enjoy a state of deep relaxation during and after acupuncture visits and often fall into a peaceful sleep.

2. Acupuncture can help improve your sleep.

10% of the US population suffers from chronic insomnia, which is defined as difficulty falling or staying asleep. This lack of sleep is detrimental to a person’s quality of life as well as has significant health consequences. Many people turn to sleeping pills for relief, but these medications can be habit forming and have negative side effects. They can lead to abnormal sleep behavior such as sleep walking, sleep eating and long-term cognitive decline, depending on which medication is used. Acupuncture is a safe and effective option for insomnia. The best part is that acupuncture treats the root cause of insomnia (namely an overstimulated nervous system) and benefits your overall health at the same time!

3. Acupuncture can boost your energy.

Fatigue is the number one health concern Dr. Bokman encounters in her practice. Most people are burning the candle at both ends with fast-paced, high-stress lives. In Chinese Medicine the term, qi, can be most closely defined as energy. The majority of people Dr. Bokman sees are deficient in qi. This can be due to many factors including chronic stress, strong emotions, improper diet, too much or too little exercise, and even lack of breathing fresh air can contribute to qi deficiency. The good news is that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can do wonders to nourish a person’s qi, thereby increasing their energy levels. Instead of turning to another cup of coffee consider increasing your energy in a balanced and sustained way with acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective modality that can help increase your sense of well-being and improve overall health. If you are curious how acupuncture can benefit you, call NaturoMedica to set up a complimentary phone consult with Dr. Bokman. 

"I started seeing my doctor at NaturoMedica and had food allergy testing. I have since eliminated the foods that I am allergic to and I have now only had three headaches in the last six of seven months."
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