Chinese Herbs: the ancient secret to good health and longevity

June 16, 2014 | By Elisha Bokman | Acupuncture, Acupuncture, Digestive, Fatigue, Hormones | Share
Chinese Herbs: the ancient secret to good health and longevity

The system of Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice that dates back at least 3,000 years. Chinese Medicine is perhaps most well-known for its use of acupuncture, or therapeutic needling. It is less well known that Chinese Herbs are a fundamental part of Chinese Medicine and are used today in conjunction with acupuncture at almost every medical visit in China. Chinese Herbs are also increasing in popularity in the United States. Chinese herbs can be used to treat virtually any medical condition. Some examples of conditions that are successfully treated with Chinese herbs are fatigue, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, immune support, musculoskeletal pain/injury and mood disorders.

Chinese herbs are prescribed by Chinese Medicine Practitioners based on an in-depth intake, where the root cause of a patient's health concerns is ascertained. Practitioners also use the patient's pulse as well as the appearance of their tongue to determine the diagnosis and appropriate herbal formula. Often Chinese herbs are prescribed during an acupuncture visit; a powerful combination that brings about faster and deeper healing. Chinese herbs are prescribed based on a complex system of patterns. Interestingly, a particular medical condition, such as insomnia, can be caused by various different patterns. For this reason Chinese herbs are best prescribed by a trained professional.

Chinese herbs come in several forms including teas, powders, tea pills, capsules, tinctures and tablets. At NaturoMedica, our dispensary is stocked with Chinese herbs in capsule, tablet and tincture form. These herbal formulas are potent, convenient to take, and are laboratory tested to ensure they are free from contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides. Additionally, NaturoMedica carries a line of pleasantly tasting liquid formulas for the most common medical conditions for our pediatric patients, ranging from immune support, digestive Issues and focus/hyperactivity support.

A few of the most popular Chinese herbal formulas that can be of great benefit are:

Xiao Yao San (Free and Easy Wanderer):
This formula is used to treat Liver Qi Stagnation, which is often the source of stress, mood changes, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. Xiao Yao San helps to promote an overall sense of calm and balance that supports us in navigating through our lives with ease.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (6 Flavors Rehmannia Pills):
A tonifying medicinal herbal combination widely used in China by people above age 40 for its youth promoting properties, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is used to address a deficiency in Yin, a substance in our bodies that decreases as we age. This formula is particularly helpful alleviating symptoms associated with menopause by restoring overall balance to the system.

Ba Zhen Tang (8 Treasure Decoction/Women's Precious Pill):
This formula is used to replenish the substances, qi and blood, which helps to address fatigue, poor mental function, anxiety, palpitations, light headedness, and pale complexion. Ba Zhen Tang can be used by both men and women for various conditions, but is perhaps most commonly used to restore balance and vitality to women during and after their menstrual cycles.

Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Wind-Screen Powder):
Yu Ping Feng San is a versatile formula that helps to strengthen the Wei qi, which is the protective barrier for our bodies. This formula in essence helps to strengthen the immune system and can be used as a means of preventing colds/infections, fighting off seasonal allergies and as an adjunctive treatment for autoimmune disorders.

Suan Zao Ren Tang (Jujube Seed Decoction):
This is one of the most popular sleep promoting Chinese herbal formulas. Suan Zao Ren Tang contains the Chinese herb Suan Zao Ren, or Jujube, which is highly prized for its ability to help restore peaceful sleep. This formula is said to nourish the blood and calm the spirit, and is excellent for people who have insomnia, sometimes accompanied by night sweats and irritability.

Chinese herbs are best prescribed by a trained professional to ensure safe and effective use. Schedule an appointment for Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine with Dr. Elisha Bokman and Dr. Rachelle Forsberg today.

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