Male Hormone Pellet Therapy

July 21, 2023 | By Dean Neary | Hormones | Share
Male Hormone Pellet Therapy

Do you desire to feel your best? Do you desire a bit of that youthful vigor that disappeared years ago? Do you want to decrease the risk of certain diseases and increase your overall health?

It has been well over 20 years in my nearly 30 years of practicing medicine that I have personally been this excited about a product/procedure/treatment as I am about Biote hormone replacement pellets! The potential impact on disease prevention, wellness, and longevity appears from the literature to be quite significant. Hormones are such an important factor in health and wellness, and likely contribute significantly to our longevity. Healthy hormone levels are very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain in today’s world. Environmental exposure, dietary habits, exercise habits, stressors, and aging all contribute to plummeting hormone levels as we age. Below optimal levels of hormones contribute to so many complaints that I see frequently in my practice daily. This honestly is a short list of some of the common complaints that can have their roots in poor hormonal status:

  • low energy
  • poor sleep quality
  • little to no motivation
  • increased sense of anxiety
  • struggling with weight gain
  • difficulty concentrating, memory issues, or brain fog
  • low sexual desire or sexual dysfunction issues
  • difficulty maintaining or gaining muscle mass or slow recovery post workout
  • unexplained chronic aches and pains
  • or just plain feeling “old”

Are you presently on injectable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? Do you often feel like there are a few good days shortly after your injections, but those really good days are followed by not so good days, or a crash? Are you tired of applying a topical testosterone preparation daily, and/or giving yourself injections weekly or more frequently, believing you could still feel better? Do you desire to make a positive impact on your health and longevity? Would you like to decrease your heart disease risk rate, to lower your risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s, improve your bone health, your cholesterol, and improve the quality of sexual intimacy in your life?

I have been helping men and women with hormonal health for nearly three decades. In that time, I have seen numerous benefits of having healthy constant testosterone levels. However, especially in men, historically successful testosterone replacement relied heavily on those painful weekly or more frequent injections. Many men ultimately give up on the injections as they are uncomfortable and something they must constantly keep up with to maintain optimal symptomatic benefits. Unfortunately, another issue with injectable testosterone is that the symptomatic benefits are short lived. Most of the men I treat report feeling very good a few days after their injection, however a few days later they report not feeling as good (time for another shot). This roller-coaster like dilemma is obviously frustrating and often leads to quitting treatment, thus losing the wonderful benefits of having healthy levels of testosterone.  This has been extremely frustrating for both my patients and me.

Finally! I feel I have found a significantly better solution. Biote hormone pellets! These are bio-identical, (derived from plants), testosterone pellets that are placed in the fat layer under the skin in the upper buttock region. The procedure is quick and nearly painless. More importantly, it typically only needs to be repeated three times per year (every 4 to 5 months). Implanting the testosterone directly in the tissue results in the great symptom improvement seen with injectable testosterone. However, unlike injectable testosterone, it does not go away after a few days! Because the pellets are in the tissue, continuously being slowly absorbed over a four-to-five-month timespan, the symptomatic improvement remains very steady, without that roller-coaster feeling experienced with injectable testosterone.  I personally have historically prescribed a combination of both injectable testosterone and a daily topically applied testosterone to decrease the dreaded roller-coaster effects. The topical RX testosterone preparations do get into circulation. However, RX topical preparations, in my experience, do not appear to result in nearly as significant of a symptomatic improvement as do weekly or bi-weekly testosterone injections.

Thus, the beauty of hormone pellet implants. The pellets offer the dosing consistency of daily applications of topical testosterone without having to apply it daily, as well as other issues like having to bring your cream when you travel etc. Plus, the pellets have the power of injectable testosterone, without feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster or having to poke yourself once or twice a week.

I can’t imagine a much better delivery system for this very important, and sometimes life-changing hormone. Testosterone!

"My husband has lost 50 pounds and I have lost 26 pounds. We feel great."
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