IV Therapy Now Offered at NaturoMedica!

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IV Therapy Now Offered at NaturoMedica!

IV therapy is an excellent way to supplement nutrients at a much higher dosage than what can be achieved by taking them orally. It is particularly helpful for individuals with extreme nutritional deficiencies, for those with gastrointestinal conditions that interfere with regular nutrient absorption, and for those with active lifestyles where proper nutrient status is critical for maintaining energy and improving performance.

IV nutrient therapy is a cutting-edge treatment option used by naturopathic physicians to maximize specific nutrient levels in the body and to achieve treatment goals in an expedited time frame. Your NaturoMedica physician may prescribe this treatment based on lab results showing specific deficiencies or based on a medical condition or particular symptoms you are experiencing.

Dr. Forsberg will be providing additional information on our IV therapy offerings in her March newsletter and introductory blog.

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