Welcome to our new NaturoMedica website!

November 17, 2010 | By Jill Monster | News, General | Share
Welcome to our new NaturoMedica website!

Welcome to our new NaturoMedica website! Thank you for visiting! We hope that you will take the time to browse the site and enjoy the new features.  As you will see, this is quite an upgrade from our prior website.   We have added a great deal of content about our clinic and our approach to treating various health conditions.  We have officially joined the world of social media. We now have Facebook. We will be tweeting soon.  The NaturoMedica blog will be a vehicle to communicate and have discussion about the latest health news.

This website has been in production for months. We have discovered that it takes a village and then some to build a state-of-the-art website. There are a few key players in the process that we would like to thank.

Thanks to the team at Efelle Media for building the website and making our vision a reality. Those people over at Efelle work around the clock! I personally have emailed them at 1 a.m. and received a response in minutes. Insomnia is alive and well at Efelle!

We want to convey heartfelt appreciation to Peter and Kelley at Gibeon Photography who did an amazing job with the photography for the site. We hired Peter and Kelley to do the photography for our initial website and marketing materials that we designed three years ago. We have been beyond impressed with their work. Occasionally, people have asked if we have used model doctors for our website rather than ourselves, which we believe is the highest form of flattery for Peter and Kelley. Let's just say that they know all of the right camera angles.

Most importantly, we would like to thank our patients.  Many have been willing to provide testimonials for our website.  Our patients are generous in sharing their stories of improved health so that others may benefit from their experiences. We are touched.

Looking ahead, in the next few months, watch for online shopping availability at NaturoMedica. Our entire retail dispensary will be online for your shopping convenience.

Again, thanks for visiting. We welcome your feedback. Come back soon!

"I felt a lot better after three months of going to NaturoMedica. It was like fine-tuning. Progressively, I felt better and better. I feel like a different person! My NaturoMedica doctor is now my primary doctor."
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