The Best Metabolism Boosting Research of 2011

January 01, 2012 | By Naomi Bryant | Weight Management, General, Men's Health, Weight Management, Women's Health | Share
The Best Metabolism Boosting Research of 2011

Happy New Year! For many, 2012 signifies the beginning of a healthier lifestyle and dropping a few pounds. There were some interesting breakthroughs in obesity research this past year. Unfortunately, no one has found a way to lose weight without cutting calories or increasing exercise (darn it!). However, the following tips may help maximize your weight loss efforts and success.

1. Pea Protein can help with appetite control.
Diets high in protein, particularly diets that include pea protein, stimulate key hormones in the intestinal track that promotes satiety and appetite control. NaturoMedica offers several pea protein powders that can be beneficial when used in different weight loss programs.

2. Burn more calories by boosting your mitochondria levels.
Mitochondria are known as the engine of your cell. According to the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, a decrease in mitochondria is linked to impaired blood sugars, a decrease in metabolism and difficulty losing weight. Xymogen™ has put together key nutrients to improve mitochondria production at the DNA level. This kit is appropriately named the Mitochondria Renewal Kit. This kit along with weight lifting exercises is a good way to boost both your energy and metabolism.

3. Green Tea continues to be one of the best supplements for metabolism support.
Another green tea study showed that the EGCG component of green tea improves fat metabolism. EGCG also appears to protect the body from insulin resistance and diabetes. Clinically 600-1800mg of green tea extract is used before aerobic exercise to improve fat burning and body composition.

4. The right kind of gut bacteria is associated with a healthy body weight.
In perhaps the most interesting research of the year, the medical journal Obesity released a study that correlates healthy gut bacteria with a healthy body composition. The study found that the “bad bacteria” found in obese mice can make skinny mice fat! The reverse is also true, healthy “good bacteria” are found in skinny mice. It appears that this good gut flora improves circulating hormone levels that promote a healthy metabolism. Just another reason to take good quality probiotics!

5. There is now a way to figure out your optimal diet at the genetic level.
At NaturoMedica, we are excited to offer a new genetic test by Pathway Fit™. This nutrigenomic profile provides an individualized report to help understand how your genetics may affect your diet, nutrition and exercise. The test gives insight into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. Ask your NaturoMedica doctor if this test may be right for you.

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