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Many people have discovered the secret to feeling better and living a longer, healthier life—it’s called staying active.

Participation in sports or exercise enhances the cardiovascular system, improves stamina, builds up the immune system and increases sense of well being.  NaturoMedica doctors work with men, women, adolescents and children to improve athletic performance. The NaturoMedica physicians work with all levels of athletes - from couch potatoes who are motivated to become more active to weekend warriors to elite athletes. Doctors at NaturoMedica utilize a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment and education of patients to help them achieve performance goals and to meet nutritional needs.    

Regular exercise is a critical component of staying healthy.  People who are active will often live longer and feel better.  At the same time, exercise can be a high stressor on the body.  Proper nutrition is paramount for active individuals to be able to maintain adequate energy during sports activities, maintain muscle mass and prevent injury. Dietary needs vary based upon sex, age, body size, activity performed and duration of activity. NaturoMedica physicians tailor dietary and supplement recommendations for each individual for overall health, performance and/or to achieve optimal weight maintenance.

NaturoMedica offers sophisticated technology, advanced nutritional testing and cutting-edge research when working with recreational or competitive athletes to maximize mental and physical performance. NaturoMedica has an onsite advanced body composition analyzer which provides data for quantifying muscle and fat.  This helps the doctors monitor the effectiveness of diet and exercise plans and to formulate strategies for improving athletic performance.

Men, women and children have unique sports and exercise-related issues, injuries and illnesses that require understanding and a treatment approach that is tailored to their individual requirements.  Our physicians can evaluate  the functional needs for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other co-factors. NaturoMedica physicians use the most comprehensive nutritional testing available to enhance athletic performance through the analysis and identification of metabolic impairments, nutritional deficiencies and oxidative damage. In addition, NaturoMedica physicians can recommend specific nutrients and supplements and intravenous (IV) therapies that aid in the repair of sports-related injuries either due to accident or surgical intervention. 

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