Patient Portal and Secure Messaging Instructions

After your first visit with us, you will be given a PIN number that you can use for identity verification when setting up your secure messaging account. Email addresses must be unique for each messaging account. You can use any email you'd like, as long as a family member isn't already using it for their own account. If you want to access information for multiple family members from a single account, see below for how to add family members to your account.

Creating an Account

If you have not previously set up a username and password, you can do so HERE.

After choosing a username and password, you will be given three choices for identity verification. Choose "I am currently being seen by a physician at NaturoMedica." Then on the next page, enter your PIN number, first name, and last name exactly how they appear on your patient portal letter.

If you previously set up an account when you filled out your new patient questionnaire, you can log into your existing account, then click "Verify" in the upper right corner. From there choose "I am currently being seen by a physician at NaturoMedica" and complete the setup as above.

Adding Family Members to Your Account

While logged into your secure messaging account, click the gear icon in the upper right next to your name. The "Update Account Information" page will appear. Click the "My Family" tab then click "Add family member." Follow the prompts, entering your family member's PIN, first name, and last name exactly as they appear on their patient portal letter.

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