COVID-19 Antibody Testing

We are now offering COVID-19 IgG antibody testing so that you can find out if you have already had the Coronavirus. We are using the Abbott Laboratories test which can show if you have already had COVID with nearly 100% accuracy. This test is not used to identify a current infection, but is used to tell if you were exposed to COVID-19 previously. It is believed that having antibodies confers some degree of protection, but since this is a new virus, it still isn’t known how long this protection lasts.

NaturoMedica Patients and Family Members: $79 per test

General Public: $99 per test

The antibody test cost includes your blood draw and a follow up phone or telemedicine consult with a NaturoMedica physician to discuss your results. The lab will also bill $55 to your insurance company. All US insurance companies are covering this portion of the COVID antibody tests. If you do not have insurance you will be billed up to $55 to pay directly to the lab.

Call (425) 557-8900 to schedule your blood draw. You can expect test results withing 72 hours. Please respect social distancing rules and wear a face mask when you arrive at the clinic for your blood draw.

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