Jon Moma, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of WA



Master's Degree:

Doctoral Degree:

Bastyr University—Seattle, WA

Undergraduate Degree:

Gonzaga University—Spokane, WA

Technical Degree:




Jon grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest, spending his most formative years in Alaska, Idaho and Washington State. Curious about the world and fiercely independent, his childhood was often spent asking his parents “why” and later “why not.” The oldest of three siblings, he enjoyed the big-brother dynamic and often looked upon that role with pride, learning from an early age the joy of caring for others. Those feelings only intensified when his younger sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 3. He recalls how challenging that was for his parents to deal with such a life-changing and serious chronic disease. It was this period of his life that first introduced him to the world of medicine that would later bring him to pursue roles as a hospital volunteer, EMT, ski patrol, and Peace Corp health volunteer.


His high school years were spent in Boise, Idaho, where he excelled in science classes, especially chemistry and biology, which afforded him the opportunity to begin to understand the “why” and “how” of human anatomy. His college years were spent at Gonzaga University, often running between the science hall and global studies classrooms pursing a double major in Pre-Med sciences and International Relations. Upon obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree from Gonzaga, and in the hope of experiencing new avenues of healthcare, Dr. Moma applied and was accepted into the Peace Corps Global Health Program. He spent the next two years in rural parts of Nicaragua educating adults and teenagers on all aspects of health, including nutrition, child and maternal health, HIV and AIDS, breast feeding, birth control methods, cardiovascular health, and diabetes. During that time, he was struck by how important diet and lifestyle is to one's health and how little changes over time can lead to big reductions in risk and great increases in quality of life. He was drawn to learning more about the complexities of using diet, nutrition, and nutrients to heal illness and prevent chronic disease. It was his experience living and working in Nicaragua that most propelled him to enter into Naturopathic Medicine and devote his career to mastering the complexities of Integrative Medicine.

For Jon, healthcare is meant to be more than just annual exams and acute visits. He understands that much of the chronic disease epidemic that faces us today is due to inadequate proactive health maintenance that should include working with a well-trained physician, with the goal of optimal health and not just the absence of illness. He knows that sometimes it takes looking through a unique lens to understand the barriers and challenges that keep patients from reaching their peak health potential.

Jon believes strongly in combining modern medical science with the latest research into natural healing methods. His approach to health involves using both conventional and science-based alternative approaches to treating not just symptoms, but more importantly, the causes of disease. He believes that risk factors should be identified early, using all available scientific methods, including genetic analysis and advanced cardiovascular/metabolic screenings.


When not at the clinic, Dr. Moma enjoys many outdoor pursuits around the Seattle area, including mountain biking, skiing, and golfing. His interests include traveling, languages, music, culinary arts, and photography.

For more information about Dr. Moma or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (425) 557-8900.

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